Sam Wilson / Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

He was exceptional as a character, I felt like he provided great humour and also he felt like the films audience member, meaning for example he would ask the right questions at the right time since he wasn’t in the loop at times; which a character like Sam helps to better understand the story. For the humour side he provided a lot which was great, since at times the film became really dark and he provided a balance. Whenever he wasn’t on screen during the film I would think I wonder what Sam`s doing. Then when he`s on I remember, I just started smiling to myself because he`s Sam. When Sam`s around no matter how dark it gets, you’re just waiting for him to crack a joke at some point. Because he`s such a positive person, which obviously rubs off on the other characters of the film and even me as an audience member.

I know he doesn’t have superpower`s like Captain America. But that’s not the point he has something very important, which is loyalty. He`s obviously the type of person willing to give his all for the greater good. That’s why he works for SHIELD and helps out and sticks with Captain America. He`s a good man willing to help other good people. Examples of Sam`s actions: when Captain America and Natasha Romanoff came to Sam`s apartment, they were at his front door asking for help. He let them in even though he knew the risks involved, because he trusts them. He took them in, in their hour of need. I remember who was beside Captain`s hospital bedside after he woke up, Sam that`s who, he cares. I also remember when Captain wanted to find Winter Soldier at the end of the film. Sam said: “Captain America needs my help. When do we start?” He`s still willing to follow Captain even though the initial threat is over. Because he sees Captain as his friend, so Sam will go with him wherever the journey takes them. Because he`s loyal. 

Even though Sam hasn’t got superpowers he can still fight and hold his own in a rough situation. Such as when Winter Soldier was attacking on the urban streets, Sam quickly took out the nearby enemies and went to the machine guns and started firing to assist Captain and Natasha. Or when Sam was fighting the deadly HYDRA agent, he was losing the one on one fight but he outsmarted the agent, as he saw the flying ship come crashing down towards the building he ran for it. Sam came out of the fight in much better nick than the agent, who almost died during the crash. But Sam is most comfortable when he`s up in the air in flight, that’s his forte. As he can quickly brandish his handguns, as he`s swooping in and out of crevices he quickly fires them at the foes taking them out. He’s really quick, agile and precise, he`s obviously done this before as his so good at it. 

His clothing when he`s suited up is obviously military; such as his cargo trousers and tight t-shirt. He has many belted accessories on him, such as around his legs and hips, to keep him well equipped for missions. The best item must be the robotic wings, which have jetpack like boosters on his back to give him propulsion and the wings help him glide around in flight. He has red goggles to protect his eyes from debris and the sunlight. 

I think it’s great that we get to see another black actor, other than Samuel L. Jackson portraying an interesting character in a Marvel film. Meaning we need more people of colour in Hollywood films. Plus Anthony obviously has got a great action role, which is nice since it`s on par with the other members of SHIELD such as Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill. I haven’t read the comics but I do know Falcon as a character is black, which was a good decision to add him to the roster. I’m glad the team working on this film didn’t decide to change from the source material and make the character white, which would have been so unfair if they did. The reason I’m saying this is because other filmmakers have unfortunately done this before many times. But obviously the team working on this film took a step in the right direction, which is very good. 

Sam Wilson is the type of character who`s cool because of his actions, he doesn’t do things for the recognition. He does it to help others. I can`t wait to see Sam in the future Marvel titles. 



Model: Tayo 

Photographer: Michael Law
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