I normally wouldn’t post this on my art blog, but I am outraged. I had big hopes for NBC’s Constantine. Like make room on the drawing table because I need to draw 100 more trenchcoats hopes. Supernatural-themed shows, movies, and comics are my absolute passion. I am an [insert show of your choice] fan because I am a Hellblazer fan. 

But more than that, I am a queer fan. And John Constantine is a queer character. It’s one thing to grow up without seeing LGBTQIA characters in my favorite shows and movies, let alone see them represented with dignity and respect. But it’s quite another thing to find that a canonically queer character you love has been straightwashed, and that is what NBC is doing with Constantine.

There is no justification good enough for why this character can’t be bisexual. We need to tell NBC that we want John Constantine’s bisexuality to be recognized.

If you want to contact the show, you can reach their Twitter [@NBCConstantine​ ] or email them directly [and select Constantine under “Questions not found on FAQ page”].

NBC, please DO NOT take this queer character away from us.


There’s a certain audacity required to write. There’s an audacity in believing that the story in your head, which is an extrapolation of something held as a deeper truth, might be interesting or important to anyone but you. There’s an audacity in believing that you can accurately transfer that story-truth into words on a page, and that those strung-together words will also be something beautiful. From where does this audacity arise? How do you develop a belief in yourself so strong that it can see you through to the end of a poem or the conclusion of a novel?

Adding this quote (bolding mine) from a bit later, because SO MUCH YES:

Why should parents have to embark on a literary research project and discard their televisions in order to create diversity in their children’s lives, to show their children that the world values people who look or talk or dream like they do? The audacity to write is harder to muster when you don’t believe you are valued.

So, I'm writing a story (My first!) and I have soooo many ideas for this fantasy world that I'm building. What is the best way that you've found to organize your ideas? Also, I'm worried about not having enough rules for the characters and the plot to abide by, because I feel like with all these concepts that I want to include in the story, there are too many loop holes, and too many abilities that my characters have to produce a serious conflict or center the plot on a single goal. Thoughts?
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Here’s how I plan, and here’s how to find focus during a storm of ideas. Read how to give your story a purpose will help you organize your plot a bit. Just try to narrow abilities down a bit and tie up some of those loop holes, and things will look a lot better. :)


Law of the Leg.” When drawing the leg, its important to remember that they all have a rhythms that correspond to the rest of the body. Your upper thigh/quadriceps, no matter how thin the person may be, will always push slightly outwards. Where as the lower leg/calf muscle, in response to the thigh, will curve in the opposite direction. Here we see a lovely example of “opposite C’s.” The knee takes a slightly flat angle linking these two “C’s.” This is because of the patella, that this illusion takes place. Don’t forget that the Glutes rest a top the thigh, so please be sure to have good hierarchy to suggest this. Have a look at some examples above that illustrate these points!

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